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Following the interRAI assessment the Care Manager, an experienced senior health professional with advanced clinical judgement and expertise, develops a care plan. This is done in collaboration with the client's family/whanau and primary health care providers with the objective of ensuring the client has best support options in order to achieve optimal health and independence.

The Care Management role includes some key functions such as:Linda assessment with book

  • Functioning as an accessible expert, providing a resource of advocacy, expertise and advice to the community.
  • Administering the InterRAI tools for assessment and care planning
  • Using a strong clinical grounding to inform the development of care plans in conjunction with the client, their caregiver/family/whanau clinicians and other providers of care and support services
  • Liaising with all relevant care and support providers across all sectors e.g. Primary Health Organisations, Hospital & Health Services, Non-Government Organisations, formal and informal, to ensure integration across all sectors