313Our Innovative Solutions

Care Coordination pioneered the development and use of interRAI in collaboration with the University of Auckland. Today interRAI has rolled out across the sector nationally, with Care Coordination continuing to set the standard and providing training to home care providers and others in interRAI assessments.

The creation of Cardea, a purpose built operating system followed, enabling efficient and effective referral processing, workflow management and complex performance and budget monitoring by mapping the work flow for each client, through every part of the process. This investment, allows staff time to be minimised and little, if any, duplication of data. It also supports effective reporting providing reporting for stakeholders and internal performance monitoring.

It is Care Coordination's ongoing and direct investment in the research and development of innovative solutions that make it such an effective partner with District Health Boards.

Our People

Just as Care Coordination invests in research and development it also invests in its people. Experienced and well resourced, the Care Coordination team has the flexibility needed to operate between the hospital, general practice, residential care or client's home.

Coordinating complex and non-complex care, Care Coordination works effectively with required specialist direction and close general practice liaison.