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Client Focused Care and Service Solutions

Care Coordination offers a range of service components and competencies tailored to individual regions which recognise that each District Health Board (DHB) contract is unique. They include:

  • Care Management: An experienced senior health professional with advanced clinical judgement and expertise provides comprehensive assessment and care planning utilising InterRAI. This is done in collaboration with the client's family/whanau and primary health care providers, to evaluate the best support options for the client's optimal health and independence.
  • InterRAI Assessment Tools: Care Coordination developed the expertise and leads the way in the use of and training in two primary interRAI tools; the Contact and Home Care assessments and also has some experience of the long term care facilities assessment (LTCF).
  • Reporting: Our significant investment in software allows us to track referrals through every part of the screening, needs assessment, allocation, care-planning, provider placement and review process. This provides visibility of services to our DHB partners through reporting and ensures accountability by tracking service performance.
  • Quality Improvement initiatives: Care Coordination's expertise has been crucial in supporting DHB's with quality improvement and service redesign through short term contracts and projects. Flexibility, innovation and continual evolvement are key to Care Coordination's ability to maximise quality and service.


Each District Health Board contract is unique and reflects the purchasing priorities and community service mix within the region.

Our specialty, across all our services, is the development of highly efficient and innovative community care. The vision is a sector that makes the maximum contribution it can to an Integrated, total health system.

The range of services accessible through Care Coordination can be tailored to the planning and funding priorities of individual District Health Boards to meet the priorities and strengths of their communities.